Monday, January 22, 2007

The Indy O vs. The Chicago D

Wow. This year's playoff games have been just awesome. Most of them were decided by a field-goal or less with some great history being made, especially today. Peyton Manning finally wins the big one against New England and Chicago makes its first trip to the Big Dance since their Super Bowl Shuffle year of 1985. Another cool historic achievement is that it's the first time an African-American coach made it this far ... (2 of them) ... and it's cool how they're both good friends.

Since the Cowboys didn't make it this year, I'm pulling for Peyton to win it over Chicago. I grew up in Chicago, but when it comes to football, Dallas is my team. And I think Peyton deserves to win it all and get all the monkeys off his back, solidifying his Hall-of-Fame career. But without a doubt, it's going to be a great Super Bowl this year. My pick: Colts 31, Bears 24.

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David Kwag said...

Great song you are listening to eddie!

Chris Nahm said...

eddie I got the u2 in chicago dvd for christmas, and it is the BOMB >.< gagh larry mullen jr. mouthing the lyrics to elevation. adam clayton walking the catwalk in new year's day. the edge's solo in new year's day. and bono at the very beginning!!!! you've got yourself a copy, no doubt? wait, you went to the real thing... =(

Eddie Byun said...

Mins: I knew you'd like it.

Chris: U2 is simply the best :) And seeing them live is even better. Did you get the link I sent you before?