Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Football Highlights

Me and my cuz Pat (Cowboys vs. Bears ... how the playoffs should've been)

Hyun, Carol and Pat at the sidelines before the game

In front of Texas Stadium after the game.
In the back you can see the new statue they have of Tom Landry, the legendary coach of the Cowboys.

Patrick getting his Lions jersey signed by Roy Williams.
Pat was actually wearing a Barry Sanders jersey, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do :)

Patrick with the Lions back-up QB (I forgot his name).
It turns out he's a Christian too :)

Me and Pat with Jay Novacek (former TE of the Cowboys) at my favorite store in Dallas.
We have another photo with my eyes open and Pat's eyes closed, but I decided to post the bad one of me and good one of Pat ... out of luv for my cuz

Nal (my brother-in-law) and me at my other favorite place in Dallas.
He recently moved to Dallas to study there for a few years, so where do I take him first? Texas Stadium of course :)
And FYI, my "welcome to Dallas" gift to him was that Cowboys jersey he's wearing.
I figure every guy in Dallas should have one.

In front of Tony Romo's locker with my Tony Romo jersey.

The view from the lounge

Patrick actually met Troy Aikman (my favorite football player of all time) on the streets of Chicago last Saturday!
He was shopping at the Nike Town on Michigan Avenue. He asked to take a picture together, but Troy didn't want to create a scene. So my cousin very wisely followed him to his hotel and took a picture of him for me :) Even though it's of his back, I was happy to get it. Thanks Pat!

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