Monday, September 25, 2006

U2 Update + [EDIT]

You have to wonder if the release of the latest U2 DVD: Live from Sydney, which is from their 1993 concert tour, was to ease the pain of their delayed Sydney concert for this year. Well, it worked for me! I picked up the 2-disc special edition mainly because of the bonus features on that extra disc, compared to just the regular concert on the 1 disc version. Well worth the extra money for the extra songs and documentaries (though you always wish there was more!).

But I must admit, if you're not a die-hard U2 fan, you might want to just borrow this DVD instead of buying it. This was during their Zoo TV era when their methods of making a statement can make some people feel uncomfortable if you don't know U2 very well (and what goes through their minds). Plus with everything digital these days or HD, the video quality was a bit lacking as well. But hey, U2 fans will love it regardless =)

Also released was the first U2 autobiography, thus the title: U2 by U2. It's a 350 page history of their 30 year career. As much as I'd love to buy it now, regular bookstore prices in Sydney are just WAY too expensive ... so I'll wait till I go back to the US and get it at Sam's Club or something later this year =P

And U2 will be performing live with Green Day on Monday Night Football in New Orleans for the first football game to held at the Superdome, since Katrina hit last year. With the Saints returning home with a 2-0 record and with the rise of Reggie Bush against the hot Falcons led by Vick, should be quite an emotional game for the people of New Orleans.

And finally, here's a rather interesting (and lengthy) look at the two greatest bands of all time: U2 and the Beatles by someone with a lot of time on his hands. It's a website called: A Synthesis of U2 and the Beatles.


I just found out that Yahoo/Bono has been doing a video series called: "A Day in the Life of the Edge". So far they've been doing a video per day in this series for the past few days. It's cool to see them in such casual settings. Click here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Hopefully it'll keep going for awhile. =)

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