Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Desiring God ... Again

A New Website

Desiring God, which is the website for John Piper's ministry and resources, just re-launched their new website yesterday. Basically they re-organized all his resources (sermon notes, articles, etc.) as well as added more content. A recent article on "Why Memorize Scripture" is a great "pick me up" to get back into it. The highlight for me has been the video downloads of his sermons. I love hearing his sermons, but I love watching him preach even more.

Hearing the Word of God faithfully preached ... and with passion ... does something to my soul that brings strength and times of refreshing for me. And when my soul is hungry to hear the Word, John Piper has been one shepherd I can count on to give me a well prepared meal to feast on. No fast food from him =)

A New Me

The past few weeks have be great for me personally. Besides some meetings here and there, I have been surrounding myself with His Word through tape, CD, VHS, DVD, lecture notes, books, and of course, the Bible. I've been devouring my seminary notes again and I feel like a student in my first year of seminary. I loved those days ... simply devoting my life and time to the study and spreading of God's Word.

I also feel more "centered" too. I think I needed this "time out" in order to get my priorities straight again ... and I've come to see and value Christ, my marriage, my family, my challenges in life, and other gifts in a better light. I think the past 10 years of ministry have been "go, go, go, go ... do, do, do, do" ... and now He's teaching me the value of "rest ............... and be ... love ... and live". And with that, I've been setting more boundaries in my life and simplifying (and re-organizing) everything around me. It's been good. It's been very good.

I feel restored in a lot of ways. And I'm looking forward to more lessons and new adventures in this new season of my life. Above all else, I look forward to simply loving and desiring God ... again.

Currently Reading
The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath
By Mark Buchanan
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Heinz said...

Here's to the new you!!


Eric Bae said...

hey Eddie,

I'm definitely looking forward to listening, I mean 'watching' John Piper speaking! that's cool~ good to hear your are resting well too~ that book you're reading looks interesting~ :)