Monday, September 18, 2006

Online Publication [EDIT]

Hyun's research article for the magazine Nature Biotechnology was just released online! You can read a portion of it here. They usually release the online version first before the physical copy of the magazine comes out, which will be later this month. I have no idea was it means, but I'm sure all you science people out there can appreciate it =) All I know is that I'm very proud of Hyun's accomplishments through this research project. It's cool to know that she played a role that can (and will) help so many people around the world.

And she was interviewed by a Korean newspaper over the weekend too. They got the press release for this discovery and when they found out it was a Korean lead-researcher, they wanted to get all the details of how this came about. [I'll send a link to that article as soon as it comes out.] Pretty cool I'd say! =)


As promised, here's the link to the Korean newspaper article about Hyun's research. It's in the Han Kyung Newspaper in South Korea. If someone in Korea finds the physical copy of the article, save it for me =) Thanks.

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ey said...

congrats unni~!
you're so cool!! =)

Hong & Hisup said...

Wow! We are very proud of Her!
Congratulations Hyun!!!

Hong & Hisup

hannahkim said...

Once again congrats!!!!!!!!
(wanted to be original in saying congrats but couldn't find another way
hehhe*^^* many blessings to you both!