Saturday, June 19, 2004

Technology ... and Time (Out)

It's 12:30 AM and I spend the past few hours surfing the net and trying to figure out this blog thing.

Today (I guess yesterday now) I spent the day at the office. Good thing I finished my sermon prep ahead of time, so that I could take care of a lot of tasks I've been meaning to get to. Photocopied all the handouts for Sunday since Mihee's on vacation for this week. Created a new ministry "Harvest" for the sermon CD production team. Found a good sandwhich place near my home ... (Thank You God!) :) Mailed the recovery CD's to my parents ... stopped by Koorong. Picked up Hyun from work ... watched the Simpsons on my P900 while waiting for her ... it's an awesome phone. Ate dinner at a very casual cafe a block down from her lab. Then got my (annual) car wash ... stopped by Office Works to pick up some CD sheets and printer ink for the CD ministry. Came home and have been in front of the computer since. I wanted to finish up my PPT but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. Hyun was able to get time off next week to go to Korea for her dad's 60th BDay (a big deal in Korean culture). I'm happy for them.

God, thanks for ...
* Helping me finish a lot of work yesterday and today
* Koorong
* Dinner with Hyun at the cafe
* The new ministry idea that's about to start
I pray you'll bless it to help more people find life and purpose in You
* The new Bibles (NIV Thematic Reference & The Leadership Bible)

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