Saturday, June 19, 2004

Prep for Tomorrow

Today was quite restful in preparation for tomorrow. A simple breakfast and a great lunch (Hyun's delicious Kim Chee Jigae mmmmmm ... her potatoe sidedish ... mmmmmmm ) She's an awesome cook :) I was able to swim for a bit (frist time in A LONG time). But I really need to get more exercise these days, I'm feeling the effects of slacking off on the physical stewardship of my body. Finished up the PPT for the message ... it was good to use Elements 2.0 again.

Sermon Prep. I'm continuing on the series wisdom from Proverbs 30:24-28 (Wisdom from a Coney). I'm praying that our congregation will learn to and develop a lifestyle that seeks God as their shelter and security.

Drying God's Flowers for Today.

Thanks God for ...
* A restful day to prepare for tomorrow's service
* A chance to swim and take care of the body you've given to me
* A wonderful wife (who's great at cooking too!) :p
* Elements 2.0 to get the PPT ready

Prayer for ...
* Tomorrow's service. We need your presence with us and I need your anointing upon me. O Lord open my lips, that I might declare your praise. Take the coal, cleanse my lips ... here I am.
* Wisdom for President Bush and the leadership of the US - they need your wisdom, mercy and grace God!
* Paul Johnson, Jr.'s family as they grieve his horrid death by Al Qaeda (God bring an end to their reign of terror ... and bring the capture of Bin Laden quickly.

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