Saturday, June 19, 2004

Lakers Lose (More Than The Championship)

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They lost a champion ...

What a humbling way to end their year. Pride comes before a fall. A warning to us all. I'll admit I followed the Lakers, but more because I'm a Phil Jackson fan than a Lakers fan. My Chicago roots got me left me hungry for basketball again after Jordan retired ... so my eyes wandered over to LA to see what our old coach would do. He did very well thank you. Three championships in a row in his first 3 seasons with the Lakers. And now they lost him ... it's their loss. Jackson is clearly the best coach in modern basketball history. But with the attitude on that team, I don't blame him for walking away.

Take a well deserved rest Phil, you went out with class. Hopefully there will be a solid team for you to coach after your break, so that you can get your record 10 championships. And who knows? With enough lottery picks, maybe Chicago can be your kind of town again:)

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