Friday, April 03, 2009

Your Prayer Support My Life Support

God has renewed my conviction once again of the need to raise up intercessors for spiritual leaders and pastors. Either through ignorance or false humility, the enemy has done a good job in causing so many Christians to neglect the crucial role prayers have in the effectiveness of their churches and the blessings upon their own lives. I'm hoping to change that within the culture of our church, and this sermon was the first step in making daily intercession a norm for church life. You can watch the full service here through the CGNTV website or just watch the sermon in the YouTube link above.

A couple of books I found extremely helpful on this topic of praying for pastors and spiritual leaders is "Prayer Shield" by Peter Wagner and "Partners in Prayer" by John Maxwell. These are one of the few books dedicated solely to the topic of praying for pastors.

I've been giving away copies of Prayer Shield since my seminary days because I believe so much in what this book has to say. Plus, if it'll get more people to pray for me, then it's totally worth it. So listen, read, and keep praying daily for your pastors. One truth I've realized is that for the pastor, "the congregation's prayer support is the pastor's life support." Thank you for your prayers.

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