Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Freshest Juice in Korea

For those who know me, know that I basically only drink water and juices. Maybe a Coke here and there with pizza, but in general, I don't like carbonated drinks nor do I drink anything hot (so yes, I also avoid coffee and tea). No, I'm not Mormon and no, it's not because of health reasons. It's just personal preference. Growing up in the US, it was no big deal because every store would have tons of juices and non-carbonated drinks to choose from. Anyways ... living in Australia and Korea was tough because the drink selection for my 'categories' of drinks was so limited.

But one company I have discovered and been thankful for is Fruitist. They not only have 100% pure fruit juices to choose from, they have the freshest process of making the drinks straight from the fruit to the bottle. Not like the typical "from concentrate stuff". Good taste, good quality and good for you too. Pretty cool.

They're going to be selling these at 7-11's in Korea from this weekend and I hope it'll take off because we need more good, healthy juices to choose from over here! So if you're in Korea, stop by a 7-11 this weekend and pick one up. Here's to your health ...