Monday, November 05, 2007

A Sermon You Must Listen To

A prophetic word for our generation by Paul Washer. You can download this message and others here. A powerful experience, a humbling experience ... a refreshing time of self-examination. You must listen to this. [Thanks Sam for the link!]

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Bae said...

Wow..that was really humbling!!

Hermann said...

Very very very humbling...

jennykeem said...

oh,,. my goodnes...

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

thank you for posting that sermon.

Anonymous said...

I heard with a trembling heart.

Im sitting here at uni studying.
My eyes are welling with tears for many.


Ruth said...

It's a great message to everyone!

I'm reminded once again of how narrow is the path of righteousness - very very difficult it may be but it's the only way to the Father.

I'm also reminded to be a missionary wherever I go - the task that Jesus wants me to do.

Thank you Pastor Eddie for posting this sermon.

Anonymous said...

Raised in a christian family
the repetition and the cliches of
the church are something i've grown
sick of.
i certainly now know i'm not saved.