Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When Blurry Is Good

At Hyde Park

At Hyde Park

The huge (and almost endless) ocean views of San Diego

Hyun and I were playing with our new camera over the weekend while enjoying the great weather we've been having. I think we're going to revisit every tourist spot in Sydney after we get the hang of using a DSLR - it's amazing what a blurry background can do for a photo =) And I threw in a token photo from our trip to the US. Some day I hope to post the rest of our pictures from our trip ... keyword: some day. Anyways ...

Average Joe - Part 4 of 4

We finished our series on the book of Jonah this past Sunday. There's something very satisfying about going through (and completing) a study on a book in the Bible. I think more than a topical series, a book study feels much more rewarding to me at the moment. Lord willing, I'd love to finish every book in the Bible before heading "Home" ... Lord willing.
  • Sermon MP3 (iTunes) can be downloaded here.
  • Sermon Outline can be downloaded here.
The weekly memory verse podcast has also been updated.

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Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Hey, Eddie, that photo of you... you look somewhat... chubbier than I can remember? hehehe

Eddie Byun said...

Ha ha ... thanks Tim. That means we haven't seen each other for a LONG time! :)

Ruth said...

Hello Pastor Eddie, your Jona series of sermons are blessings to hear,I personally enjoyed them. I missed the series of yours sermons of Ruth. I will get copies of CDs on them. Ruth is a great story of kindness and unselfishness. They're beautiful photos of each of you and your wife, not only the place but of course of yourselves. Hope to see more of your US trips as you've mentioned. see you, Ruth

Ruth said...

....and yes, sermons in book series sounds great, I like it too. stories in the bible always amaze me and are my favourites stories of all times. Ruth

Eddie Byun said...

Hi Ruth ... how appropriate that's your favorite book of the Bible too :)

Eric Bae said...

those pictures look AWESOME! wish I can do that with my canon!!

Eddie Byun said...

Thanks EBae :) We'll have to do Thailand again some day so we can take some better pictures ;)