Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Accepted for Publication!

Great news! Hyun's recent research on potentially curing arthritis (for the whole human race!), which also made the news headlines, has been accepted for publication in Nature Biotechnology Magazine, which is a major publication in the science world! She just got the phone call this morning and has been on Cloud 9 ever since. She was nervous, but I knew it was going to get published. And it's always so nice seeing her so happy too =)

We still don't know which upcoming issue it'll be in, but rest assured I'll let you know when it comes out! It's been pretty cool seeing this whole process of her beginning her experiments a couple of years ago ... to making the news ... and now publication. I'm so proud of her! OK, since she doesn't like me bragging about her, I better stop ... for now =) Hee hee hee ...

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Eric Bae said...

congrats samonim! :)

jRhee said...

oohh.. neato~

The Wetzels said...

CONGRATS!! We HAVE to catch up!! Can't believe it's been so long... Once the husband is back to a normal work and sleeping schedule it's on!!

Sharon said...

congratulations!!!! that's great news!!!

hong & hisup said...

Wow! we are very proud of her.
Congratulations Hyun!
We love you!

Heinz Lee said...

Hope we can cure it! I'm worried about my future with the number of times I crack my knuckles and neck!!!


eunyoung said...

we should celebrate..
once EJ finishes her hectic hectic schedule, lets have feast~!!

david kwag said...


Thats awesome!
Pass on my congrats!

Shabba said...

that's great news! i'm really happy for you guys. we've got to celebrate by hyun making me some wolnamsam next time i'm in town.

Eddie said...

To everyone (except Shabba): THANKS! (from Hyun)

To Shabba: What a punk. (from Eddie)

Hannah Kim said...

Sarmonim~~~~~~chook ha hae your!!!
kkk~ Congrats guys!
I'll keep an eye out for it =0)