Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stop the Super Bowl Traffick

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest gatherings for sports fans in the world, but the city that hosts the biggest game of the year is also the place where the largest amount of human and child trafficking happens in the US. The Super Bowl is a magnet for human trafficking each year.

To help raise awareness of the evils of trafficking, Traffick911 will be hosting a Tailgate Party on Saturday February 5 in Dallas (the host city of this years Super Bowl). If you or someone you know is attending the Super Bowl this year, I encourage you to celebrate with a purpose by stopping by this event which will have some great speakers, musicians and activities.

And for everyone else outside of Dallas, let's pray for protection for all the women and children who are being enslaved for the purpose of trafficking. And when the commercials come on, let's lift up a prayer asking for their freedom and for God to bring justice to the oppressors. Instead of just praying for your favorite team to win, let's pray for the true underdogs to win - the silent voices of the women and children in need of our help. Let's pray for Team Justice to win this Super Bowl Sunday. Let's put an end to the Super Bowl traffick.