Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bowling, Beauty and U2 Baby!

At the Strike at King Street Wharf

Our pastoral staff at Wesley Mission went bowling last week and we had a blast. Our champ was Kao Lee (who oversees the Chinese congregation), followed by yours truly, and third place was my fellow American Don Everhart. A couple of our admin staff were in golf mode, thinking the lowest score wins ... but it was fun hanging out in a casual setting for a change. I posted some more pictures here.

Hyun's Interview in ReSEARCH Magazine

Hyun hates it when I brag about her, but she was interviewed recently for a University of New South Wales science magazine "ReSEARCH". I put up some more pictures and the link to the magazine site here. (This part of the post might disappear once Hyun finds out what I did! So read it while you can! :)

And last but not least, U2 has released a 20th anniversary edition of their classic album Joshua Tree. This was the album that skyrocketed them to super stardom. Not only is the album completely remastered, the Super Deluxe version also comes with a second CD of B-sides and rarities PLUS a DVD of their concert in Paris from 1987. Simply awesome.

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Chris Nahm said...

my word... we're all so proud of Hyun! Praise God for using her to coming one step closer to alleviating chronic severe pain suffered by millions and millions of people around the world...

Ruth said...

Hi Pastor Eddie,

Praise God for your wife's very sucessful research! It such a great accomplishment. It will help many people with such chronic disease. You must be very proud of her.

Thanks about informing on U2 new CD. I will get someone I know who will go to Phil to get it for me or I will buy it next time I go there, hehehe.

Your sermon "Chrit is Enough" is such a beautiful message!