Sunday, September 02, 2007

On the Move

Family Honor

In honor of Father's Day here in Australia, this week's message was from Ephesians 6:1-4 on the role of fathers and children in the family of faith. Here are the download links: Sermon MP3 (iTunes), the Sermon Handout, and the Weekly Memory Verse.

On the Move

Hyun and I will be spending the next several weeks in Korea and various parts of the US to pray and prepare for our possible (probable?) move sometime next year. Please pray for God's clear guidance for us as we meet with different people and pray through different cities. Thanks and hopefully I'll be able to update during our travels.

Pray for Robert

And I'd like to also ask for prayer for one of our worship leaders whose name is Robert. He just found out that he has cancer in several (about 6-7) parts of his body. He's in pain, but he still led worship today without letting anyone know until after our service. Please pray for God's mighty healing power to be displayed in Robert's life. Thanks so much.

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