Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Weekend

Hyun and I had a great weekend celebrating her birthday (which she prefers to downplay). She's a huge Mozart and Bach fan, so I got her the Complete Works of Mozart which had like 150 CD's (!) and my parents got her the Complete Works of Bach, which I think had even more CD's. I never quite got into classical, but I guess I'll have to start getting used to it now because I'm sure I'll be surrounded by it from now on.

We explored some nice restaurants, fun hang out spots AND ... saw Spiderman 3, which is now in my list of favorite movies (the others being Shawshank Redemption and Gladiator). I personally think it's the best one in the trilogy, mainly because of the powerful message of forgiveness and restoration. I loved the way they played out the themes of evil, the influence of sin and the effects of revenge in the inner-man. But I guess I shouldn't talk too much about it in case people haven't seen it yet. But Parker's final words to the Sandman still ring in my ears to this day. An awesome movie with an even better message. SEE IT! :)

Not by choice, but currently listening to ...
Bach: Complete Works - CD Box Set
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Eric Bae said...

initially thought those CD boxes were cookies!! :) 'they are making Mozart cookies now?'

read a great review about Spiderman 3 Eddie!, but now you have confirmed it! :)

Eddie Byun said...

Hee hee ... Mozart cookies ... you mean shaped like their head or something :P I think Hyun would want those too :)

Dude if you come to Sydney, I'd be happy to see it again bro!

paul oh said...

OH!! I'd have to disagree with you about the spiderman movie! :) here's one critic that didn't really like it eric :) i thought the black costume and venom could have looked more venomy if u get me... but even if u hear that its bad u have to watch it anyway because it's spiderman!!

Eric Bae said...

ok now I really want to watch it..... :)

Eddie Byun said...

Boooooo Paul!

Yea Eric! :P