Friday, December 02, 2005

We Got It!!!!!

We have visas!!

Hey, thanks for those who were praying for our visa situation for Guinea. I just got word 1 minute ago that the Guinea offices gave the OK for us to go in. Just in time ... that's the timing of God. So thanks again ... wow, we're not even there yet and there's been so many adventures for our team this year.

We also recently got word that we'll have to move out of our current place of worship for Sundays (Riverside High School's Gym) ... so now a new adventure begins of looking for a new place to have our weekend services before the new year (not a lot of time!).

Can you please pray for God to provide the right place for us? I have a feeling that next year is going to be a year of new changes for our ministry as well ... and this news only confirms it in various ways. God's keeping us all on our toes ... and keeping our lives pretty interesting I would say! =) Thankful for your prayers ...

EDIT: "Hello, hello" ... and we also have Vertigo ...

U2 Tickets!! I picked up my U2 tickets today and will be keeping them in a safe place until March 31, 2006. =) Nice! I must have been one of the first people to pick them up because my conversation with the guy at the box office was like this:

Me: "I'm here to pick up my U2 tickets."

Guy: "What? U2? They don't go on sale until Monday."

Me: "I know, but I was able to get pre-sale tickets early."

Guy: (looking at me very questionably ... either very doubtful or very jealous or both =P)

Me: "I heard you just need my name and confirmation number." (so I give it to him ... he types in my name and info and out come my U2 tickets ... and I walk away very happy).

Hee hee hee ... so giddy now ...

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