Friday, June 24, 2005

With New Levels ...

With new levels ... come new devils ...

There has been such an increase in spiritual warfare for myself and for those around me since we began this 50 Days of Purity fast. But instead of getting discouraged by the struggles we face during these days, may we see it as a sign that we are entering areas that the enemy does not want us to be in. I know it is also because the enemy does not want a congregation wholly (and holy) set apart to God. Plus we are fasting for an expansion of God's Kingdom in Southeast Asia ... for Season of Love ... and for future generations to know Him.

Some have said it seems that darkness is growing in our generation. But even in darkness, stars shine ... and when it is darkest, the stars shine brighter. I pray that the "stars" in our congregation would be kept from the enemy during this time of consecration to God, and as a result their hearts would burn even more for Christ. No matter the struggles we face God, may Christ be our everything for our church.

Let us shine all for Christ and keep running this race, even when that run becomes a crawl ... because Jesus, you are worth it. You are my Prize.
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